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8 million pieces of plastic pollution find their way into our ocean every day. Thats over five freight containers daily. If theres one thing coastlines around the world have in common, it's plastic wrappers, cotton-swabs and water bottles. Washed up plastic tells the long story of human negligence and wildlife destruction. But what can be done?

Dermis opened shop in Spring 2019. We make our products from post-consumer plastic & rescued marine waste. We work with world-leading plastic recycling plants in Taiwan which are Control Union certified in Global Recycled Standards. They're pioneering the art of plastic cleanup and recycling. Out of all the plastic the world throws out, only 9% currently gets recycled - and all of that plastic waste has seriously damaging effects on wildlife.

With all this waste being dumped into our oceans daily, we must find new and constructive uses for plastic waste. The answer is in circular supply chains that benefit our small blue planet. Since the global pandemic of 2019, fashion consumers are becoming more inclined to switch to sustainable alternatives.

Let's make that trend continue. Thank you for supporting our small sustainable business!

Our baby
The Naked.01

The Naked.01 is made from our specially developed recycled Reflex™ fabric. With a smooth matte finish and heavyweight waistband ribbing, the Naked.01 fits like a 2nd skin. Thick, soft, & highly supportive. The result is a comfy fit, with a form-fitting shape-wear hold to tone and enhance your natural curves. The minimal seamless front is perfect for casual and elevated loungewear styling. Designed with a gusseted seat to eliminate cameltoe and offer a more comfortable workout wear.

Each set sold diverts approximately 35 water bottles worth of plastic waste from landfill and marine pollution. In nature, nothing is wasted. The by-products of natural processes are always used positively. By repurposing post-consumer waste to produce clothing, we are one tiny step closer to nature.

Our Mission

Based in the UK, we started Dermis to help bring the future of fashion into the present. Affordable, sustainable clothing for everybody. Because wearing sustainable is not a luxury. It's a necessity.

We recognised a trend in sustainable activewear. Customers are over-charged for 'high-end' sustainable activewear made from so-called 'luxe' materials. These materials are pleasant to touch but often have little flex resulting in creasing and sagging with wear.

In response, we decided to offer a basic gym-set that is both comfortable, sustainable & affordable. We know that true sustainability shouldn't cost the world. To reduce our footprint and keep prices low, we minimise all unnecessary material usage associated with traditional retail. That's why we ship our products without unnecessary swing tags, advertising and labels.

Recycled Fabric

Thanks to our specially engineered Reflex™ technology fabric, we transform post-consumer waste into clothing to be lived in and loved.

Each Naked.01 set diverts approximately 35 water bottles worth of plastic from landfill and oceanic pollution. 

Our special blend is also thicker, softer and maintains its shape for longer than conventional gym-wear

How do we turn pollution into clothing?

Our garments start out as post-consumer plastic waste (single use plastic packaging).

The waste is collected, sorted, stripped cleaned and then melted down. This is then spun into the amazing recycled Nylon yarn. The process conserves water, prevents CO2 and diverts plastic waste from landfills all at the same time.


Sustainability isn’t just about manufacturing with eco-friendly materials and processes. It also means designing garments that our customers will continue to love into the future. We purposefully ignore fast-fashion trends when it comes to design.

Instead, we look to nature to find earth-tones that survive the test of time. The cut and style is based on the most flattering and comfortable shape for widest variety of uses: from yoga to running and cycling, hard gym workouts and of course comfy everyday casual wear. We focus on what works and what customers love.

100% Recycled Packaging

We’ve completely re-thought our approach to packaging to ensure that we do not contribute to deforestation and pollution.

We’ve cut out all unnecessary packaging associated with brick and mortar retail. That’s why none of our items are shipped with swing tags or labels. In online retail they are simply not needed!

We are proud to say that all of our packaging is made from 100% recycled, and easily recyclable materials. When your Naked.01 arrives, you can find a creative way to re-use the packaging or simply throw it in with recycling!

Smart Supply Chain

Most retailers manufacture in one country, then have their goods shipped to a second country for warehousing, only to then be shipped out to individual customers around the world. 

This wasteful model is one of the largest contributors to the worlds overconsumption of fuel.

That is why we ship our products directly from the place the goods were made. By doing so, we cut out hundreds of international flights per year.

Ethical Manufacturing

It is our goal to one day manufacture all of our products locally. However, at the present time, Asia leads the world in recycled materials and active-wear manufacturing. The machinery and technical know how involved in this type of manufacturing simply does not exist in the west.

We have ensured that our full production process is certified in good working conditions and control union certified in global recycle standards.

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